Hi there,

First of all, I’m Troy Lambert. The other guy is Jim Lambert. We are not related. We checked, extensively, after we met at a writer’s group in 2013. Since then we have been friends, writing buddies, and co-troublemakers in our critique group. A while back we were discussing Star Trek, Roddenberry, and some of the not-so-pleasing recent films. (Looking at you JJ). I said, “Know anyone who would like to write a book about Star Trek, and the philosophy behind it?”
Jim promptly said yes, and pointed to himself. Thus this book was born.

But there were issues. There is a lot to cover, and then we have to be careful about copyright issues, intellectual property, and even who we reach out to for quotes and more. So we came up with a new outline and a better idea. Who better to reach out to than fans? From the first Bjo Trimble led mail campaign to save the original series to the thousands who showed up at the very first Star Trek convention in New York, fans are what has made the franchise what it is today.

And things have changed. What was acceptable in the late 1960s is not today. Although Star Trek and Roddenberry showed incredible audacity when pushing the envelope of what could or could not be shown on television, and the issues a series set in space could tackle, there were still issues of sexism and racism. Later authors and creators tried desperately to correct these, but the series has always been written by humans, and there will always be flaws.

There is also the matter of canon, revisionism (even by Roddenberry himself), and more. So rather than let Jim face those giant dragons alone, I agreed to come alongside him. We’re going to do our best to present a fair and balanced look at the philosophy of Trek, how it has evolved over the years, and where it might be headed next.

We invite you to join us. Use the form below to join our email list and the other links to follow us on social media (we’re still rolling that out, so stay tuned). We look forward to a long and fruitful journey together.

May you live long and prosper. We’ll talk more soon.