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The Book Cover!

And here it is! The book cover you have been waiting for! This is the cover of the new book, The Tao of Trek. And it will be coming your way soon. How soon, you ask? 

March 16, 2022!

That’s right! This book will be headed to you on Wednesday, March 16th, available in digital and physical format. The audiobook will be available shortly after the other versions.

Why March 16th? Glad you asked. 

Why March 16th?

Star Trek officially came to life on March 11, 1964, when former pilot and police officer turned television writer Gene Roddenberry penned a 16-page outline for a science fiction TV series he dubbed “Wagon Train to the stars.” The show was also loosely inspired by Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, with Roddenberry planning to use the sci-fi framework to tell morality tales about modern society.

It was this little outline that started it all. And this is one of the most important dates in Star Trek history! 

We want to honor the creator of the series and the spirit of Trek that inspires us. Now, it’s your turn. 

Gene Roddenberry Star
trek convention

This book is by fans, for fans!

And you can be a part of the book and the community around the book. “How?” you ask? Well first, we would love to see your photos from conventions, when you met Star Trek stars, and we’d love to hear your stories. Some will appear right here on this blog. Others will appear in our website gallery. 

If your photos are good enough, we may even contact you about using them in a special edition of the book complete with photos contributed by fans around the world. 

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